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Our mission is to catalyze well being and real personal growth for people who seek it.

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The Power of Focus...

Hi, I'm Michael Sophia.

I’m the founder of Advancement Academy, and author and creator of The 1 Day Advanced Recovery System as well as other popular articles and media.

There’s one question at the core of my work: How can we live earnest lives and fulfill our highest potential?
In short, my work focuses on 5 main topics,

  1. Health-Vitality-Performance - How do we live for progressively better health and vitality?
  2. Habits - How can we reclaim our best focus and attention for greater relevance and efficiency in our actions?
  3. Self Awareness - How do we cultivate more conscious perspectives for growth and authenticity?
  4. Entrepreneurship - How do we bring more important actions and enterprising to life?
  5. Social Renewal - How can we prioritize our highest values and improve our social organization?
My articles are gaining wider and wider viewership every month.

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Advancement Academy Founder

Michael is a passionate purpose-driven entrepreneur. After an extensive career in the fitness industry as a young professional trainer and manager of over a dozen fitness centers, then strategic advisor and consultant - wherein he positively impacted countless lives and taught advanced training techniques and business success strategies to hundreds of trainers and managers, he finally took several years away from business and a conventional lifestyle; he retreated to Nature, to travel, and to study the timeless art of self-awareness and philosophy.

During his time away, he connected with the true foundations of health and vitality, a truer sense of the times, and a path of self-discovery and purpose. Now, more than ever, his passion to serve others is expanding through an online presence and his enterprising endeavors.

Michael's vision for Advancement Academy is to provide access to authentic learning for personal growth that leads to a life of advancement, vitality, and fulfillment.

He believes that today, more than anytime before in history, it is essential for each individual to reestablish a strong relationship with themselves through inner awareness, control of attention, and intentional action toward empowered creative ability. Michael advocates that society needs healthy, pioneering individuals to transcend usual trends and to create and contribute real value that has a lasting effect.

"There's no position in life that isn't a starting point for greater advancement toward a life of growth and fulfillment. Now is the best time."

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Adam is one of the most kind-hearted and sincere individuals you could ever have the opportunity to meet. His first career out of college began in education, where, working as a young teacher, he emphasized personal development and mindfulness with his students. After several years as a teacher Adam chose to launch his own business as a studio owner and producer - Elation Studios - where he's a voice and lifestyle coach for artists, professionals, and content creators. At the same time he began a pioneering role with Michael, in support of media production and web development. He's a very important part of the team and quickly becoming one the best media producers in the business.

One of the reasons Adam is such a great fit with Advancement Academy is because he believes in supporting the development of the whole human being while cultivating a life of progressive growth through personal practices in order to reveal your best potential in health, wealth, and happiness.

The beginnings of Advancement Academy

Here's a bit of the story of how Advancement Academy got started for Michael.

It all starts with a journey...

Ever since a very young age, Michael has always been very sincere and very driven.

Since the beginning, he valued learning and growth, creativity, curiosity, and persistence.

His experience and values would soon be tested. When real life challenges would impose major setbacks and even a devastating collapse in health as a young man.

Michael experienced serious health complications from 2012-2015 including a spinal fracture, viral meningitis, and a dreadful passage through leaky gut and a severely compromised micro biome with little ability to absorb any nutrition.

At that time, after many years of brilliant health and fitness, always as an athlete and sharp student to his interests, the series of health challenges he faced brought him to devastating low point.

During the worst of it, he became tremendously weak, his body weight fell to 110lbs from a former very athletic 170lbs, and his bodily systems struggled - leading to brain fog, fatigue, headaches, digestive failure, depression, and on and on. 

He felt as though a lifetime of learning about health and practicing fitness was shattered by this series of unfortunate incidents that crushed his sense of well being. He remained optimistic and tried to focus on playing a positive role in people's lives. Although his personal and professional lives also suffered.

Then, from a very earnest place within himself, he felt whole-heartedly inspired and to take-on the journey to recover and increase his health and vitality, with a greater quest for truth and greater diligence than ever before.

He enthralled himself in learning from different cultures and from teachers of times past and present. He synthesized far greater knowledge than he had ever previously imaged. In response to new wisdom, he immersed himself in a progressive lifestyle of regenerative and advancing practices for mind, body, and soul.

He learned, not by just concepts, but by cultivating comprehension through direct experience.

Then he was on the rise, revitalized with a sense of purpose and connection with life, he catapulted himself far past his former best health!

He spent several years in rigorous practices, cleansing his whole bodily system, becoming absolutely intentional about his mind-body balance, nutrition, and connection with the earth.

Having reclaimed his vibrant health, at the beginning of 2019 he re-initiated his passion for natural bodybuilding and has enthralled himself in new strength and fitness goals!

Through it all, as you might imagine, one of Michael's greatest priorities and passions in life is to share authentic insight on the path of personal growth, recovery, advancement, and pursuing your best life possible.
Our passion is to help you advance, to feel empowered to achieve greater self awareness that leads to optimal health, performance, and productivity.

Learn to cultivate personal authenticity in creating your own progressive practice for advancement and growth. We're passionate about the path of advancement...

"A strong & healthy body, a clear, focused, and peaceful mind, creative ability, and relationships of love and authentic communication - these are foundations for a fulfilling life."

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